We have been actively working on improving productivity during work since our founding in 2009, therefore, we have gained significant experience and acknowledgement in this field. Our continuously expanding and motivated team tries to gather the most talented personnel in the country so that they join forces with the management owning several years of experience. Such a combination results in cooperating and teaching each other simultaneously in order to achieve our goals together as a team. One of our key objectives is to enhance productivity both on a personal and an enterprise level. 

Our company is one of the few Hungarian software developers that became a member of the „European Innovation Champions League”. New trends clearly show that  innovation lies within simplification and transparency: our company can add significant value in this field to its individual users and business partners. 

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Taskfit, the flagship product of BaseWalk is a unique, cloud-based application improving personal productivity developed for desktop and smartphone. It is delivering an outstanding solution to the long existing problem of multitasking. Taskfit proactively supports personal work by learning its user’s habits and enables us to continue our abandoned work with a click, create reports or lock out distractions when focusing on a specific task, all without extra efforts.

We created the previous B2B version of Taskfit in 2010 as a response to the needs of the market. After a certain time, we realized that our unique software could be a handy tool in all areas of business, therefore, the brand new Taskfit software has been developed to suit the needs of individual users and micro-sized teams.

The free desktop versions of Taskfit designed for non-commercial use are available at www.taskfit.com. The Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, while the iOS app is accessible at the iTunes App Store. Our innovative and intelligent solution can be used in all areas of business on all 4 market leader platforms (Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android).

The free Taskfit has been already accompanied by the B2B versions: Taskfit PRO and Business (supporting teamwork and integrated with popular applications) and Taskfit Enterprise developed for large organizations.

The user experience of Taskfit is continuously being fine-tuned so we are awaiting open minded users to try the application and provide feedback so that we can make it an even better product!


We are building a company that develops a software to the international market. We take both the job and the needs of our colleagues seriously as we can succeed only as a team. In our offices we strive to accommodate our team members in the most comfortable way, so that they can give their best in an ideal and inspiring environment. We are continuously working on creating and developing an office that reflects a so-called developer and gamer lifestyle that results in a cool and family-like atmosphere.

One screen per eye

Gaming consoles

Tea and coffee


Unlimited internet

Bike friendliness

Flexible working hours

Couches for siesta

Equal rights for everyone

Real holidays

Environment friendliness

Family-like atmosphere

Fresh fruits

Balloon mineral water

Quality chairs


Team building nights out

Fresh technologies


We are looking for motivated junior and seniour colleagues that  would be keen on joining our team to work on our own projects and that of our clients. In case we managed to raise your interest please send your CV to hr@basewalk.com to apply for the following professional areas: Java EE  developer, frontend developer, backend (PL/SQL) developer, tester, C++ developer, mobile developer. 

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Never gives up Never gives up Never gives up
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English English English
Lives a social life Lives a social life Lives a social life
Team player Team player Team player
Google is his / her starting webpage Google is his / her starting webpage Google is his / her starting webpage
Agile Agile Agile
Abilities better than on paper Abilities better than on paper Abilities better than on paper


We are continuously awaiting applications with the below skillsets:


Java EE developer: junior and senior colleagues, OCA Java programmer qualification, Java EE, Spring, JPA, JDBC, JSP, JSF JBPM, JMS, MQ, WebService, git, svn, ant, maven , gradle, Tomcat, GlassFish, Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, BIRT, JasperReports, CI Jenkins, Agile

Frontend developer: junior and senior colleagues, HTML5, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, JQuery, DOJO, ext-js, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Agile

Backend (PL/SQL) developer: junior and senior colleagues, SQL, SQL tuning, PL/SQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostrgeSQL, SQLite, Oracle Forms / Reports

Tester: junior and senior colleagues, manual and automatic testing, performance testing, ISTQB qualification, HP QC, Selenium, SilkCentral, SpiraTest, Jmeter, Jira, Youtrack, Redmine, Mantis

C++ developer: junior and senior colleagues, C++, Qt framework, Windows API, OSX, Linux, Objectiv C, Agile

Mobile developer: junior and senior colleagues, native experience in mobile development, Android, Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Frameworks, Android SDK, RESTful JSON API-s, IOS and Android design guidelines,  Agile




Besides Budapest, BaseWalk has an office in Miskolc, as well. One of our key goals is to support and mentor young and innovative IT talents even during their university years, so the office in the countryside is located right on the campus of the University of Miskolc. We await your applications to our continuously growing developer team at both locations!


Graphisoft Park “B” building

1031 Budapest, Záhony str. 7. - Hungary

+36 30 545 1048


University of Miskolc

3515 Miskolc, Egyetemi Road E/7 Office Building - Hungary

+36 30 546 2675